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Welcome to the 26 Paths of Jewish Heroism.

This is your call to study heroism from a Jewish perspectiveThe 26 Paths of Jewish Heroism are the Torah’s teachings which reveal the 26 qualities of what it means to be a hero on a personal and collective level. This free video course guides you through the 26 paths in order to tap into your heroic vision and manifest it in your life. 

Download the map

This is the map the the Jewish heroes journey. The seven archetypical paths that a Jewish hero goes through as he seeks the good of creation. 

Explore the Heroic Face of the Torah

The first word the Torah uses for heroism is גיבור (gibor). The core meaning of the word gibor is to overcome. In this video course you will learn the Torah of Jewish heroism, and discover the tools to overcome and become the hero of your life journey. 

About the Jewish Heroism Project

Hello, I’m Rav Mike Feuer, and I’m thrilled to introduce the Jewish Heroism Project. This project is the culmination of three decades of Torah study, two decades of teaching, and a lifelong passion for the extraordinary, all aimed at revealing the Torah’s heroic essence. As an educator and spiritual counselor, I’ve seen the transformative power of growth and change.

Now, I’m excited to offer a path—actually, twenty-six distinct paths—embodied by twenty-six attributes of Jewish heroism that will empower you to take a heroic stance in life. Join me in this video course as we explore each path through teachings, exercises, and contemplations, starting your journey to Jewish heroism today